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Laura Ikeji Beats Ebube Nwagbo to Win Lover, Ogbonna Nwankwo

There are times ladies engage in physical fights in order to win the attention of the man of their life but this time it was no physical fight as Laura Ikeji finally got engaged by Ogbonna Nwankwo who used to be the lover of Ebube Nwagbo. 

Itfthings had remained the way it was years back Ebube would have been the one flaunting her engagement ring with, Ogbonna, the younger brother of the retired football player , Kanu Nwankwo.

But fate has played it in such a way that Laura Ikeji is now enjoying the whole media attention. It would be recalled that the actress,Ebube was jilted by Ogbonna since 2008 over allegations of a ‘wayward and wreckless’ lifestyle.

Ebube took to her snapchat today to disclose that she is on her way to meet her prince, and also shared photos from her location.

Is she trying to get over the fact that she has lost the man whom she loved to another woman by traveling out of the country? Is she trying to escape from the hurt that such memories bring?

Anyways, wish her luck as she travels to meet her prince charming.

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