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Shocker! Women To Get Day Off For Menstruation

Women in Zambia can now take one day off every month to deal with their menstruation issues, BBC reports. 

The day is known as Mother’s Day it applies to women whether they have children or not.

The women do not have to provide any medical evidence before they call in any day of the month to take a Mother’s Day off.

According to the law, an employer who denies female employees this entitlement can be prosecuted.

Joyce Nonde-Simukoko, labour minister and a former trade union activist, said Mother’s Day was informally established in the 1990s but has just become law.

She, however, said it must not be abused.

“If you absent yourself yet you are found in a disco house, then it will not be taken as Mother’s Day,” Nonde-Simukoko said.

“You shouldn’t even leave town, be found doing your hair or shopping. You can be fired. For example, somebody was found farming after taking Mother’s Day and she was fired.”

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