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Media Personality, Moet Abebe lands into Big Trouble

Nigerians got no or little chill when it comes to making their opinion matter. Calling out of celebrities has been existing for some years now and 2017 has started with its own drama. 

On air personality posted a video of her twerking vigorously which earned her praises from fans who didn’t see anything wrong in it and at the same time tongue lashed by those who felt it was offensive.

The media personality was called out for wearing a bikini that revealed too much flesh while twerking for the camera .

In defense, Moet took to her page to give her angry fans a piece of her mind due to all the harsh comments she received.

She said: “Plix, I’m not a ‘role model’. I’m here to f** shit up with my talent. I’m in an industry where you have to express yourself the best way you know how. I’m here to make money and have fun doing what I was born to do. So you either get used to 2017 being filled with “bikini” photos and memorable moments of me, or you just be that “role model” for your child or better yet make your mother your role model and not me!


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