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Praiz Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment!

As an individual we all surely have one or two embarrassing moments we can never forget no matter how hard we try to. 

The same goes to Praiz who literally blow us away with a scintillating performance every time he opens his mouth to sing.

In a recent interview, the singer disclosed his embarrassing moment which was signing his autograph on an insisting fan’s chest.

According to the singer, he hesitated, but seeing how sad and close to tears his female fan was, he had no other choice than to do it.

Many artistes have definitely found themselves in such situation, no matter how awkward they feel about it, they still do it to make their fan happy.

In his words: “there was one experience I had; I think it was in Abuja. A fan asked for an autograph on her chest, and when I initially refused, she almost started crying. So, I had to do it. And it was quite embarrassing, but she was happy I did it.”

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