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Ronke Odunsanya , Empress Njamah Discloses Something Shocking!

Ronke Odunsanya and Empress Njamah are definitely exceptional actors who are well recognized for their acting prowess. 

Both divas seem to be having a bad time with some friends. We all know that not everyone we call friends are really friends.

in a recent post the actors expressed their thoughts about friends who stab after so much done to help them and their family just because they envy you.

According to Empress Njamah: Sup fam? The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm! But because of those who look at it without doing anything! Be careful of friends who do not celebrate you but pretend to love you! Cause them already doing worse things behind you!” (Sic).

And here is what Ronke Odunsanya said: “God said, ‘Because of where I’m taking you to, there are people from your past who are coming back to you.. Be careful for I have already shown you who they are… “ #BeWatchfulandPrayerful #HesUnfailing #CovenantKeepingGod.”

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