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How To Get A Woman’s Phone Number And Getting Her Into Bed Easily

Getting Her Phone Number And A Date…

Getting a girl’s phone number is easy, once you’ve already built up enough attraction within her. Getting a woman’s phone number all comes down to knowing how to lead women and make statements instead of asking questions.

It ends up looking like this:

(After the girl and the guy is both laughing, enjoying each other’s company, and hitting a high point.)

Guy: Let’s grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat sometime this week. Here, let me get your phone number.

Girl: Okay, it’s xxx-xxx-xxxx

Because the guy showed leadership, confidence, and didn’t ask for permission, the girl simply followed his lead and exchanged phone numbers with him. As opposed to…

Guy: So, um yeah, can I get your phone number?

Girl: Um, I don’t know, here how about I take yours instead?

The guy in this example and dialogue only proves that he doesn’t really understand women at all.

He hesitates and asks the woman for permission if he can have her phone number, and women being the way they are, mirrored his response right back to him by essentially declining his offer and refusing to give him her phone number.

(Sidenote: Whenever a girl refuses to give you her phone number and instead asks to have yours, that is a rejection (albeit a much nicer, more sociable way to let a guy down.)

Getting a woman’s phone number then, simply comes down to making a statement and telling a woman to give you her number, asking for her phone number on a high point of the conversation when you are both laughing and clearly enjoying each other’s company, and of course leading well.

Once you’ve gotten her phone number, you simply text her to set up a date or you make the first phone call to her.

S3xually Escalating On A Date and Getting Women Into Bed…

Once you’ve gotten on a woman out and on a date with you, you can begin physically escalating and providing good, stimulating conversation to them.

When you first meet a woman for a date, never shake her hand. Instead hug her or simply don’t make no contact at all. I’ve found that shaking a woman’s hand when you first meet them for a date makes the interaction seem more like a friendship or a business meeting.

Hug her, but never shake a girls hand.

When on a date with a woman, sit beside her and NOT across from her. Sitting across from her on a date makes the interaction seem awkward, weird, and it prevents you from touching her (which is important if you want to get women aroused and get them wet).

After 1 or 2 hours of good conversation and touching, invite her home with you, and once you’ve got her at your place, move fast and quickly escalate to s3x.

Transitioning Her From Your Lover To Your Girlfriend…

After you’ve had s3xual intercourse with a woman, she is officially yours and from that point on, transitioning her to your girlfriend is simple. Simply increase the frequency and number of times that you see her and have s3x with her.

After a while it will begin to become obvious that you and her is “exclusive” and from that point on, you can begin doing things for her that a regular boyfriend would do.

You can begin taking her out to nice dinners, taking her out to see a movie, and going out together to the beach or even the park and simply holding hands.

Getting a girlfriend isn’t hard once you are able to attract women and get them into bed with you. The hardest part is getting them invested into you in the beginning, and then after that, it’s easy sailing.

If you’ve been busy struggling to get a girlfriend, all you need to do now is follow the simple steps laid out in this article, and you’ll soon realize just how easy getting a girlfriend really is.

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