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D’banj Finally Retraces His Step!

Everything in life seems to be time bound, but so many celebrities in the music industry do not understand that no matter how talented you are, you can’t be up there for ever. 

Fame has a way in changing the attitude and mentality of some of our celebrities who eventually dust aside those who have been part of their lives before fame came calling.

That happens to be the case of koko master, Dbanj who was alleged to be estranged with some of his friends whom he had known way back before he became famous.

Report has it that the singer drifted away from them for no specific reason and now, he seems to have sober up on his action while trying to amend his mistakes.

Although, rumor has it that it appears he is doing all that because his fame has gradually began to diminish as time goes by, leaving him with no other option than to run back to his old pals.

Even though the star hasn’t manage to release a hit song after ’emergency’, he is still well loved and respected in the industry with quite a number of loyal fans who are good supporter and lover of his music.

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