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Love or Money! JJC True Intent Towards Funke Akindele Revealed

The most talked about couple in the entertainment industry happens to be Funke Akindele Bello and her husband JJC  SkillZ. the celebrity couple who got married quietly in London late last year has been getting a lot of buzz from the media. 

On the fist of this month, the duo also moved into a new mansion in Lagos and a house warming party was thrown which attracted a lot of renowned personalities in the entertainment industry.

however, There have been a rumor that JJC must have married the actress due to the fact that she is very successful financially and it has been described as a marriage of convenience, stating that the actress needed a husband while he needed her money.

This rumor emanated from the fact that JJC’s musical career hasn’t been functional for a very long time and no known business has been traced to the musician in recent time.

While many had argued that the duo genuinely fell in love and that the singer was immensely in love with the beautiful actress following all the public display of affection on social media which could also be a mere facade.

Well, to put all the rumor to rest, the singer has recently opened up in an interview with Punch that he fell in love with his wife the very first time he laid his eyes on her (love at first sight). Although i personally don’t believe in love at first sight but lust at first sight, all i know is that it will  be unfair not to be really happy for the actress who has been through a rough part before happiness gradually smiled on her.

In his words: “In fact, it was love at first sight. I saw her,she saw me and, we saw stars. From that point on, everything was aligned.She had an idea called Jenifa’s Diary that she wanted to do, and she was looking for a good director and cameraman, so she called me to help her shoot the TV series, and that was how we met.”

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