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Rapper, Ikechukwu In A Messy Fight With Ex-Sarah Ofili Over Terry Tha Rapman

Ikechukwu has just started what he might not be able to finish after he blamed terry the Rapman in a recent interview for being the master piece behind his break up with media girl Sarah Ofili 

This allegation didn’t go down well with Terry Da Rapman,his sister and Sarah Ofili, as the trio ganged up against him on social media to give him a piece of their mind.

The relationship between Sarah Ofili and Ikechukwu went soar when it was rumored that Terry Tha Rapman was having an affair with Sarah, an allegation she often denied saying he was just like  a brother to her.

Ikechukwu who is still very bitter about the situation and probably unable to let go still talked about it which resulted to him being attacked by the trio. Ever since the outburst by the trio, Ikechukwu is yet to reply them.

Read Convo below:




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